How to Install Security Cameras Outdoors

Security cameras have taken their pride of place as one of the premium security arrangements in the digital age. Cameras are installed in the indoors and outdoors. Some of the cameras are suitable for the indoor while others are suitable for the outdoors. Quality of cameras, determines their effectiveness. However, if the installation is badly done, it may wipe out any advantages that camera quality may provide. Some methods of installation are suitable for indoor cameras while others are suitable for outdoor cameras.

The following is how outdoor security cameras should be installed.

Choose the camera

The first and probably the most important step is to identify cameras that are suitable for the outdoors. Such a camera should be weather resistant since it will be exposed to the elements while outside the house. It is also important to consider certification. Cameras that are certified by the relevant bodies usually provide higher quality than uncertified ones. Seeing that the cameras are domiciled outside houses and premises it may be difficult to get them power from the main supply. This means that the cameras may have to be battery powered. Wired cameras may solve the problem of power by having the same cables transmitting power and signals back. The buyer may also need to consider whether the camera is colored or black and white. Other features such as infrared capability and range are also important.

Draw a diagram

Once the cameras have been chosen, the next step is to draw a diagram of the compound marking the positions where cameras should be put. This allows for thought to be put in location. This way cameras do not get installed haphazardly. The following factors should be considered.

Surveille the entry doors.

Most criminals force entry into houses from doors. For this reason, there should be cameras trained on the front and back doors of the house.

Ensure that cameras do not violate neighbor’s privacy

One of the perils of surveillance is that there are laws protecting privacy. If outdoor cameras placed in a certain property record another property that may be illegal. It is therefore important for outdoor cameras to be positioned in such a manner that they cover only the intended property.

Keep the cameras high

The cameras should be placed high to provide a wide view. Having them high also protects them from vandalism. It is, however important to ensure that the distance from the ground is not so great that the details on the ground are lost.

Once all these factors have been considered, the cameras should then be installed.


When the cameras have been installed. It is imperative to test the security system from the control room. The test would show whether the recording devices are working as planned. Check this page if you want a spy camera . If certain cameras are not working optimally, then they may need to be adjusted. The installation of cameras is only complete when all of the installed cameras have been ascertained to work as expected.